Who is the programme for?

BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People) Referral Programme is a physical activity intervention aimed at people aged 16 and above, that meet the referral criteria, to encourage and support individuals to become more active, more often.

BEEP is?

An Exercise Referral Programme that includes a 52 week follow up support service. We offer heavily discounted exercise options with bespoke exercise plans from your BEEP exercise referral officer. Physical activity programmes on offer include: gym based sessions, swimming, group exercise classes, walking, cycling, home based programmes, weight management services and many more exercise options.

How do I get a referral?

Ask at your local GP practice for BEEP referral, and if you meet the referral criteria then identified health professionals can complete the referral form and give it to you.

Where are the assessments appointments held? 

The programme assessment are held daily in GP surgeries and Leisure centres across the Bradford district.

What happens at the appointments assessments?

During your first assessment we will do a health screening to help make your exercise bespoke and safe to meet your needs. We will then take specific measures to enable us to monitor your progress over the year e.g. current physical activity levels, Bmi, Body fat %, Visceral fat %, blood pressure, resting heart rate and  well-being score. You will then be referred onto an exercise provider of your choice.

There will be motivational support throughout your time with us and also text service, email, health Apps and links to online support to ensure you continue your healthy lifestyle.

What are some of the Benefits?

To access the programme you must meet the following criteria:

Who do I contact to book an appointment 

Once you have the referral form or want further information please contact Active Health Team on 01274 435388.

Other online health support

For further support in a healthier lifestyle, please click on the link below to download the FREE App, and take the ONE YOU health quiz to get your current health status score. 


Do you and / or your family want to be healthier? Join Change4Life now at;


This online resource explores the benefits activity can have on medical conditions and how a range of Apps can help individuals reach their desired goals;


This online tool will support individuals to change their behaviour towards exercise/activity. It will help identify any personal barriers, help set goals and targets and then how best to realistically achieve these;



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