Since 2017, when we were announced as having successfully applied for the Sport England Local Delivery Pilot (LDP) bid, we have been busy gathering invaluable insight from people within the defined place and setting up a team to come up with and deliver a plan. This is what we’ve been up to:

2018 – the research phase:

This will form what’s called ‘baseline data’ which we will use as a starting point to measure success of the pilot across the first 2 years.

March 2019 – the start of the implementation phase:

The team have now started to mobilise the plan, building strategic relationships and testing quickly some activities in schools to see what the response is and how it can be used again.

The week of the 24th June is the launch of the new branding, co-designed with children in our area. It’s not just a name for a project, but it’s a message for which encourages all in our area to get involved in, with children asking all to join them, in moving and playing.


You can find out more about the other 11 pilots that are being delivered across the country, here: 

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