Dated 20th March 2020

We know all our partners and colleagues are working hard over this period to react to the rapidly changing circumstances and we’d like to offer our best wishes and support to them all.

During this initial period our attention has been, and will continue to be, on three main priorities:

Supporting our providers
We have advised all providers to follow the government guidance on social distancing and cancel or suspend all sports/physical activity sessions and events that bring children and families in close contact as per the national guidance. This means that there will be no face-to-face Fun Days, Festivals or JU:MP activities until further notice.
We know this is a difficult time with the impact of coronavirus being felt by all our front line providers and we will be supportive of the sector in line with Sport England’s guidance.

Supporting our children to be active
It is now more important than ever to support our children to be active in order to help them to be healthy. We are currently planning how we can do this virtually. Please do encourage families to Join Us on social media or to leave their details so we can contact them directly with ideas on how to be active at home, once we have a plan in place. If you have ideas or would like to contribute to the efforts do get in touch.
For families to receive updates, they should Join Us via our website:
Follow us on Facebook: /JoinUsMovePlay
Follow us on Twitter: @JoinUsMovePlay

Keeping our team healthy and ensuring they are able to offer a service to partners
Following the most recent advice to work from home, all our staff are now doing so. In line with the advice on social distancing, we have stopped all face-to-face meetings and increased our capacity for virtual meetings so conversations can still take place, where it’s appropriate to do so given changing priorities.
Our office phone number is now not in use, but our whole team can still be contacted:

Being active is good for both the body and mind; together we can help our children and families with this!

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