The Sport England Local Delivery Pilot, JU:MP, is tendering for a number of projects to begin early 2020.


JU:MP Connector projects

The JU:MP Connector Project is central to the delivery of the community programme for the Pioneer Neighbourhood.

An organisation is sought to deliver the project in one of each of the 3 Pioneer Neighbourhood areas:

Scotchman Road/Toller area

Allerton/Lower Grange area

Peel Park/Undercliffe area

Now closed for applications, as of 15th January 2020.


JU:MP Leads programme

To deliver across the whole JU:MP area.

Now closed for applications, as of 24th January 2020.


JU:MP Community Development Dance programme

To deliver across the whole JU:MP area.

Now closed for applications, as of 31st January 2020.


If you would like to talk with someone about any of the tenders, please contact Jan Burkhardt, Programme Director:



Questions raised in relation to the JU:MP Connector project tender:

Received 8th January 2020

Question 1:

I am requesting clarification in relation to Scotchman Road Tender: I  refer to question 2 that refers the applicant back to question 1.

It doesn’t appear totally as to exactly what you require given that this question carries a significant weight in scoring it would be helpful if this could be explained in further details as to avoid confusion.


RE your query – question 2 refers the applicant back to Section 1. (Not question 1)

Provide details of the approach you would take to service delivery outlining how you will meet all our requirements in section 1

See below



The Scotchman Road area is one of the three Pioneer Neighbourhoods and covers the area outlined in the map (see Appendix 2). A local plan has been co-designed by the Scotchman Road Pioneer Neighbourhood group and will be delivered from January 2020 to 2022. (see Appendix 3). The JU:MP Connector Project is central to the delivery of the community programme for the Pioneer Neighbourhood.

The programme aims to engage less active and less confident children in physical activity, building their physical literacy (enjoyment, confidence, competence, understanding and knowledge) and inspiring them and their families to be active in a low cost or no cost, sustainable way.


As we are taking an asset based community development approach we require an organisation with:

 Strong and longstanding relationships with the local community and partners.

 The ability to deliver key elements of the Pioneer Neighbourhood local plan.

 The ability to appoint and manage a JU:MP Connector (or two part-time JU:MP Connectors) who will deliver services outlined below.

 The ability to manage and deliver other activities and projects by wider providers and/or volunteers as needed.

 A long term commitment to the local community to maintain a legacy from JU:MP that benefits local children and families’ health and wellbeing. This could include fundraising and maintaining JU:MP (or its legacy) longer term, if this is of benefit to the community and if opportunities arise.

 A physical space (venue/green space) in the Pioneer Neighbourhood that has potential to be a hub for children and families physical activity beyond the school day is desirable, though not essential.

The services to be delivered are to:

 Support and embed physical activity in the local community; helping those children who are not currently active in their community and parks/green spaces to access opportunities after school, at weekends and in the school holidays.

 Support the delivery of the local plan and initiate or deliver a range of activities which could include sports, informal games, play, dance, walking or cycling.

 Build strong relationships and connections between the schools in the Pioneer neighbourhood and the wider community groups, activity and spaces.

 Open up access to schools and community venues/assets for children and families to be active on weekends, evenings and in school holidays. Delivery/facilitation of weekend programmes is an essential requirement.

 Encourage behaviour change in children and families to be active. Empower children and families to be active themselves wherever possible (rather than just leading activity sessions).

 Take a social enterprise approach, with children and families paying a small amount from the beginning wherever feasible and once valued, increasing the amount if acceptable. Explore business models for sustainability or to show best value return on investment of public funding.

 Build volunteers and local leaders to deliver simple activities such as games and play sessions, walking groups etc.

 Mentor JUMP Leads (16 – 25 year olds) with a view to them increasingly taking on the delivery of activity and freeing up JUMP Connector role to developing new opportunities.

 Deliver activities in green spaces to build confidence and regular engagement by local families.

 Support the Join Us: Move. Play Campaign and wider communications including social media activity and local promotion of the campaign.


Research is integral to the pilot and you will be part of world-leading research programme. You will be expected to work closely with the research team to evaluate the impact of your work as part of the whole system approach to increasing levels of physical activity.


The programme will be required to meet the following minimum requirements:

 Deliver at least 6 sessions a week of physical activity (of at least an hour) with local children and families.

 Engage at least 50 participants per week from the local community, to include children, young people and/or family members.

 Hold 3-way joint planning meetings with the JU:MP Community Engagement Manager, JU:MP Connector and their line manager, at least every 6 weeks.

 JU:MP Connector to attend and contribute to the 6 weekly JU:MP Pioneer Neighbourhood Planning meetings.

 Carry out the monitoring and evaluation as required by the JU:MP research team.


 Collaborative working is at the heart of the JU:MP Pioneer Neighbourhood; doing with, not for or to communities.

 Establishing an ethos for the programme that is fun, energising and inclusive.

 Community engagement and co-design are principles that will run throughout the programme.

 Establishing sustainable activity wherever possible and supporting communities to do things for themselves.

 Taking a test and learn approach, being open to taking risks and being innovative.

 Build on the assets and energy that is already in existence in the neighbourhood.


Question 2:

In your timetable you say start date for delivery – as soon as possible . By 3rd April 2020 at the latest. Please could you clarify what constitutes ‘delivery’?


To be more specific by delivery we mean to have at least:

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