The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Rt Hon Baroness Nicky Morgan joined pupils from Lister Primary School, Scotchman Road, to move and play on a visit to learn more about our JU:MP (Join Us: Move. Play.) programme.

The Secretary of State joined Lister Primary School children in an active phonics lesson and their daily mile in the school grounds. She then took a tour of the Scotchman Road neighbourhood where the JU:MP programme and Bradford Council are working with local families to develop the piece of land at the back of the allotments into a safe space for the whole community, which will include a children’s play space.

Jan Burkhardt, Director of JU:MP Programme explained: “JU:MP will inspire people to make small changes that can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of our children and communities. It could be as simple as walking instead of driving to school, swapping screen time for fun active play time or taking a family walk at the weekend, each child’s experience will be different.”

Lister Primary School is one of 30 schools in Bradford who will be taking part in the JU:MP programme. Gaynor Kilmister, Headteacher at Lister Primary School explained that: “Being a JUMP school means that we have an ethos and a drive to increase movement, play and activity for all of our pupils, this is the start of a journey for us and we aim to get the entire school community including teachers and parents to consider physical activity in everything they do.”

Other schools in the Scotchman Road neighbourhood taking part in the JU:MP programme include Margaret McMillan Primary School; Lilycroft Primary School and St Cuthbert and the First Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School. These schools and others across North Bradford will have a series of Fun Days taking place to encourage children and their families to take part in playful activities to get them moving and give them ideas to take home.

Anyone who wants to encourage more movement and play to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people can  join the JU:MP movement

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