Active Bradford COVID Champions 2021

Active Bradford celebrated the people, groups and organisations who kept district moving during the pandemic.

Active Bradford's Covid Champions, sponsored by Living Well, replaces the Active Bradford Sports Awards that has been a highlight of the districts sporting calendar for the last five years.

Here are the videos we made of six of our Covid Champions.

Here are our other Covid Champions:

Caroline Fallis-Taylor
Bingley Belles Cycling Club
Taras Stefanyszyn
Queensbury Queens of the Mountain Cycling Club
Sam Shaw
Tracey Shorten
Eldwick Brownies
Womenzone Community Centre
Capital of Cycling
The Academy at St James Church Primary School
JU:MP Connectors
Bradford Highways North and South Area Traffic Teams
Bradford Olympian Trampoline Club
Ciara Patchett
Mary Magdalene CIC
Rick Simpson
Louise Redmond
Our Girlington
Humera Khan
Mumtaz Khan
Victoria Normington

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