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JU:MP Connector programme

JU:MP Connector programme

The JU:MP Connector programme is running in 5 neighbourhoods and has been set up to bring together communities and local organisations; delivering activities, consulting with families on local plans and feed into the wider JU:MP programme by supporting marketing activity.

For more information on each of the 5 programmes contact:

  • Scotchman Road/Toller neighbourhood: Manningham Mills Sports Association

Delroy Dacres -

Byron is the JU:MP Connector

  • Allerton/Lower Grange neighbourhood: Lower Grange Community Association

Alex Dilger -

Rozina and Lorrett are the JU:MP Connectors

  • Peel Park neighbourhood: CommunityWorks

Jane Lees -

  • Ravenscliffe, Fagley and Thorpe Edge neighbourhood: The Gateway Centre, in partnership with the local Eccleshill partnership

Maureen Holmes

Carol and Gloria are the JU:MP Connectors

  • Windhill, Swain House and Bolton Woods neighbourhood: Play Bradford and Play Forum partners

Janet Jewitt -

Jessica and Phillippa are the JU:MP Connectors

  • Manningham neighbourhood: Manningham Housing Association, in partnership with Meridian Centre and Hollings Youth Association

Nasir Hussain -

The latest from the Scotchman Road/Toller connector programme

We have engaged almost 500 children to date, with more than 230 children in this last period alone - since schools returned after the summer break. We have enjoyed delivering a range of sport sessions including football, cricket, dance, archery, golf, tennis, badminton, boxing, rugby, dodge ball, rowing, cycling.

We have been able to access local school sites assisting in our ability to deliver in challenging weather.

Regular weekly activities are run in the area, including football, rowing, fitness class, boxing, cycling.

Notable achievements include:

  • 40% of holiday activity being accessed by girls
  • Introduction of non-traditional sports
  • Excellent recruitment and retention of volunteers
  • Great support and partnership with schools
  • Launch of Kashmir Park and delivery of activities
  • Support for Children identified with additional needs
  • Inclusion of children with additional needs in all activities

Challenges have been:

  • Identifying accessible local indoor space for additional/ongoing activities

Plans for next year:

We have an organised football match planned for January 1st. See image for more details.

Additional cycling, golf, tennis, badminton, archery and the continuation of what's working well.

The latest from the Allerton/Lower Grange connector programme

The JU:MP Connectors have been very busy bringing active activities to the Allergrange community, however we have recently sadly said our goodbyes to Raw Talent Martial Arts and Bradford Fencing Club for it's getting dark, Christmas is coming and we are now winding down in preparation for the festive holidays.

We are especially excited about the work we have been doing with Bradford Dragons' Rickey Fetske. In October we ran a camp which the kids thoroughly enjoyed and wanted more.

Following the success of past pebble hunts, we have just launched another!

Plans for next year:

We are looking forward to working with a new majorettes teacher who trains in professional competitions.

We will be bringing back football, which has been our most popular activity in the community.

Majorettes and basketball activities will take place and we will continue the online JU:MP Connectors disco.

Boxing and dance will continue at Cafe West.

New walking challenges are to be announced in January.

The latest from the Peel Park connector programme

The JU:MP Connectors have been delivering 'Let's Get Active' sessions over the last few weeks, engaging families from the local area. Scooter sessions are being run after school on a Wednesday Grove house school which will be continuing in the New Year.

The JU:MP Connectors led a JU:MP Fun day in October half term which got 100 children moving by completing the activity trail!