JU:MP Digital

What is the aim of this workstream?

  • To encourage children and young people aged 10 - 13 to be more physically active through supporting them to make long-term behaviour changes that will benefit their health, using digital interventions.

The approach

The JU:MP Digital App will try to engage children and young people through the utilisation of digital technologies to encourage "active" screen time over "passive" screen time, since children and young people use digital apps in their daily lives.
With this they will overcome one of the main barriers to physical activity that young people face today, which is long sedentary periods of time.
In its initial form the digital app will focus on 10-13 year olds within JU:MP, with a view to expand to school age children and their families, following the implementation of feedback from the initial trial phase.

What has been achieved so far?

Numerous workshops have occurred, which are primarily led by Dubit and Jan, the JU:MP Programme Director. More workshops are planned, and new aspects of the app are currently being piloted with children and young people in schools.

During the discovery phase of the app's development, JU:MP has identified the following:

  • Where the JU:MP App would add most value within the wider JU:MP landscape
  • Considered how to best ensure that the JU:MP App will be adopted by young people in Bradford
  • Conducted two phases of qualitative research with children within the target demographic:
    • Phase 1: Investigating feasibility of an app to encourage physical activity
    • Phase 2: Investigating acceptability of the proposed designs

Who is leading this work?

The JU:MP Digital App is currently being developed by Dubit, a kids research agency and digital development studio, working across Born in Bradford and JU:MP.

Workstream lead(s):

Jan Burkhardt

Jan Burkhardt

Programme Director