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April 2022 update

Twelve volunteers who are residents in the LDP area predefined by Active Bradford/JU:MP. Responding to Active Bradford data around lower than national average Physical Activity Levels of children in Bradford, with the least physical activity in South Asian girls. JU:MP Leads was developed as a Sports Leadership programme to attract young people to become new role models in physical activity, representative of the communities in the LDP area. We are proud to have young people from a diverse range of nationalities including Indian, Black African, Pakistani, White British, Latvian, South African. This group include two asylum seeking refugees. There are 7 Female and 5 Male and on enrolment were aged: 6x 16-18yrs, 4 x19-21yrs and 2x22-25yrs.

The 12 young people have been committed to the JU:MP Leads Programme for 12 months (now with an extension of 3 months) due to end in March 2022.

The JU:MP Leads have been developing their skills and attending training to lead in sports and physical activities to young people in the Bradford District. They have volunteered in HAF summer events, sports centres, Youth Service events and those of local partners. JU:MP Leads have gained qualifications in leadership and Sports such as Community Sports Leadership Award Level 2, FA Introduction to Coaching Football, British Cycling Leadership level 1, British Cycling Parks Activator (pilot programme), England Athletics Leadership, and Coaching in Running Fitness, First Aid Level 3, and learning skills in physical activities such as Ping Pong, Kayaking and Bouldering from local instructors.

JU:MP Leads are encouraged to deliver activities in the community that they live in, to inspire and become role models in health and wellbeing for those around them. The experience and skills gained throughout the programme aims to empower the young people to set up their own enterprise in health and wellbeing, or/and seek to strengthen community partnerships with providers in their areas.

The young people and the trainee programme has been innovative and reactive to a tough year with the pandemic. The project has been highly praised and recognised nationally: with BTHFT Research team, a unique Delphi Research Study has been conducted from the project, the young people have been keynote speakers at an international online conference about their experiences and motivations, and the JU:MP Leads Project was awarded The Bradford Council Children At The Heart Of All We Do Service Excellence Award in 2021.

There have been 194 sessions delivered over a period of 15 months from November 2020 to March 2022. These sessions have been creatively delivered over Zoom/online, in front gardens, in local parks, in outdoor centres and with JU:MP Connectors and local providers.

Many of the JU:MP Leads have celebrated firsts in delivering physical activities to their local communities, with many never having the confidence or opportunity to do so in the past.

58% of the participants found new or improved employment during the duration of the programme with many working directly with sports centres, youth work practice or schools work in the district. 4 JU:MP Leads were offered interviews as a direct result of completion of their Community Sports Leaders Award.

British Cycling have developed a brand new entry level cycling qualification in partnership with the JU:MP Leads who were invited to be part of the writing process, and pilot the course in November 2021. The British Cycling Parks Activator course need was identified by the JU:MP Leads and the Coordinators as a response to the plentiful access to local parks in the district, and the more relaxed style of community cycling groups.

England Athletics have supported one of the JU:MP Leads with their new community running group with a £500 grant to go towards barriers faced by BAME female runners. This was a direct response from the completion of the Leadership in Running Fitness course and subsequent discussions had between JU:MP Leads and the course representatives during the course. England Athletics will be working with this JU:MP Lead over the next 6 months and creating a personal case study of the JU:MP Lead and also a case study of the project with how the money will be of benefit. England Athletics have additionally offered the JU:MP Leads access onto their Funletics training, which aims to encourage young runners through games and athletic field activities. England Athletics have also identified a need for a representative from their organisation to have more coverage of the Bradford and district, and are looking to upskill the JU:MP Leads to do so.

There are a 4 JU:MP Leads looking to set up their own Community Enterprise and start to apply for local funding to run community activities attracting South Asian females and their families. They are already running free weekly groups with community members, for running and walking as well as local litter picking sessions with children and their parents.

The JU:MP Lead programme

The first JU:MP Leads programme was led by Bradford Council's Youth Service, Sports Development Unit with Bradford Youth Development Programme and was set up to recruit and develop a number of young people to become JU:MP Leads. The JU:MP Leads will inspire, motivate and deliver physical activity and sport sessions within the JU:MP area to support our children to be as active as they can be.

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