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Creating Active Schools - April 2022 update

Posted: Thu, 07 Apr 2022 15:19

- We now have 33 schools (11 pioneer and 22 accelerator) actively...

What's this workstream about?

We began the Pioneer Phase of the Creating Active Schools workstream with 12 primary schools in 2019, and have used the Creating Active Schools (CAS) Framework (link to research paper) to support our work.

The aim of the Framework is to encourage the whole school community (including teachers, parents and other external stakeholders) to inspire and influence children's physical activity so it becomes embedded across the school day and forms habits beyond school too. All levels and systems have a crucial role to play; from school policies, to teacher training, to the physical and environments adopted, to the pupils and their families - the framework aims to improve how physical activity is positioned and valued in school.

Through our work with our initial schools, we have now developed the Creating Active Schools programme ( - a research based profiling, planning and training resources to create sustainable impact with schools over time.

This programme will be used by all schools who are involved in the Creating Active Schools workstream. As part of the programme the schools not only get access to the online toolkit (link above) but also:

  • Termly training for all schools (pioneer and accelerator)
  • "CAS champion" support for all schools - this involves teachers from schools within Bradford where we have identified best practice, supporting other schools in developing, delivering and evaluating their CAS plans.

By building this collaborative network across schools within our JU:MP neighbourhoods (and beyond by linking to other projects such as Living Well RIC schools and CP5), we will be able to share best practice more effectively and also provide support where it is most needed so every child in every school gets the opportunity to move and play more each and every day.

Workstream lead(s):

Andrea Symonds

Creating Active Schools Project Manager

Andrea is working with the JU:MP team to lead on the active schools workstream.

Dr Andy Daly-Smith

Research Director