Join Us: Move. Play!

Creating Active Schools

JU:MP Schools

We began the Pioneer Phase of our project with 13 primary schools in 2019, and have used the Creating Active Schools (CAS) Framework (video, paper) to support our work. The aim of the Framework is to encourage the whole school community (including teachers, parents and other external stakeholders) to inspire and influence children's physical activity so it becomes embedded across the school day and forms habits beyond school too. All levels and systems have a crucial role to play; from policies, to teacher training, to the environments, to pupils and their families, the framework aims to improve how physical activity is positioned and valued in school.

Through our work with our initial 13 schools, we have now developed the Creating Active Schools Development Programme which we will use to support all of our JU:MP Primary Schools from September 2021. We are also looking to co-develop a Creating Active Schools Secondary programme to support KS3 children and young people in our neighbourhood areas.