JU:MP@Home - the impact so far

JU:MP@Home - the impact so far

Posted: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 11:58

JU:MP@Home - the impact so far

Nationally the percentage of children doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per day has gone up to 45% from 29% since lockdown. Supporting families and children to be active has never been more important.

The JU:MP@Home resource was launched at the end of April to help families stay active as well as foster happy memories during a challenging time.

More than 50,000 activity calendars were sent to homes across the JU:MP area as well as being delivered to vulnerable families across the district through local organisations and groups.

A website, jumpathome.org, has also been set up for families who have access to the internet, with new activities being released every Tuesday and Thursday, publicised through Facebook and Twitter.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

A local father says: "We think your initiative is amazing and has really helped keep the whole family occupied, in the most fun way, during lockdown."

A local parent comments: "Thank you so much for the family activity calendar, my daughter (almost 4 years old) had a blast and was always excited for the new activity the next day… I think we'll keep on doing an activity a day for a while. Thank you again for your efforts."

A group distributing packs to local families says: "…picked up the packs last week. They are BRILLIANT!"

A local parent stated: "[names] are loving this… some of the ideas remind me of when I was younger."

From April to May, the following stats were recorded:


  • 4,181 page views
  • 83% returning visitors

#JUMPAtHome across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:

  • 2,918 interactions
  • Estimated reach: 16,000

Across all platforms where videos were shown there were 2,655 video views

JU:MP@Home will continue to develop in response to changing lockdown restrictions across the UK. Many children will remain at home for months, some with little access to outdoor space or facilities. It's these children we will continue to support as best we can.

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