Space to play outside

Space to play outside

Posted: Thu, 06 Aug 2020 16:10

Space to play outside

Following last week's announcement that Bradford is to be under enhanced social distancing measures, our National Lottery funded Sport England pilot JU:MP launched two new projects to encourage families to keep active outside.

Chalk walks

Along with the Adventure Activities team at Bradford Council, the team have designed playful walking routes to lead families from their schools to their local greenspaces around Peel Park, Lister Park and Lower Grange. Each route includes simple chalk markings on the ground to encourage different types of movement at various points, such as jumping, balancing and hopping. The aim is to encourage families to independently discover their local greenspace, and walk and play together.


Love Exploring

Love Exploring has been commissioned to deliver an augmented reality app that encourages families to explore their local greenspace or park and learn about the history within the area. Digital dinosaurs and fairies can be found by using the app on a smartphone and by having them placed all around the park, we can encourage people to travel to lesser trodden places in the park, allowing people to safely distance from one another.
The first two parks to have the app on site are Peel Park and Lister Park. If it is proven to be successful in encouraging families to visit the parks, it will be rolled out to more parks and greenspaces across the JU:MP area.

We're in a time where, as Professor John Wright pointed out at our partnership meeting in May, it's so important for people, particularly children, to stay active:

"That urgency of being active, encouraging people to do more exercise is really important in terms of prevention of adverse consequences from COVID-19. It's a stark reminder of the need to make sure children are as active as they can be, as the path they take at this young age will set them up for life. It really emphasises the importance of the work of JU:MP, because one of the key answers to addressing underlying health problems is exercise. If we can exercise more, lose weight, control our diabetes, then we will prepare our communities to live longer, healthier and happier lives"

You can download the Love Exploring app from the Google Play store here:

Or the Apple store here:

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