Invitation to tender: Active outdoor learning for schools in JU:MP

Invitation to tender: Active outdoor learning for schools in JU:MP

Posted: Mon, 18 Jan 2021 11:59

Invitation to tender: Active outdoor learning for schools in JU:MP

The brief for this project is to develop a training programme that will improve teachers' capability, opportunity and motivation to incorporate active outdoor learning as a key part of the curriculum provision for the children in their school going forward.

Our work with schools within the JU:MP Programme is provided using the Creating Active Schools framework. See the overview video and this link
to a research paper
for further background information.

Any bid should take particular note of the behaviour change model (capability, opportunity and motivation) referenced in the framework, as well as the following overarching organisation behaviour change aspects for the JU:MP Programme, which include:

● Organisations have the knowledge, skills and motivation to support families to be active
● Organisations implement policies and strategies that support children to be active
● Organisations provide opportunities for children to be active

As part of our overall plan, we have worked with schools to identify common areas for developing physical activity opportunities for children, and "active outdoor learning" has emerged as a key area.

1.2 Requirements
Develop and deliver a bespoke training programme on physically active outdoor learning for up to 13 Pioneer JU:MP schools, to be delivered during the Spring and Summer terms of this academic year (by July 2021 at the latest), which will include both a whole-school overview and targeted delivery with specific year groups (agreed with schools individually).

1.2a What's Needed?
● Whole-School Change - any training needs to include an element that involves all teaching staff (e.g. whole-school staff meeting or twilight), as well as support for the identified lead in school around medium/long-term planning and policy development to ensure sustainable behaviour change in relation to physically active outdoor learning.
● Environment - any training needs to support the schools in identifying ways to use and adapt their outdoor environment to facilitate the effective delivery of physically active outdoor lessons going forward.
● Stakeholders - any training needs to consider how different stakeholders within schools will either be aware of, or involved in the delivery of this training, and how it could be used as a springboard to promote physical activity beyond the school gates with families and their communities.
● Physically Active Outdoor Learning Opportunities - any training needs to clearly incorporate physical activity as a purposeful part of the active outdoor learning programme, but may also specifically focus on areas identified by our 13 Pioneer JU:MP schools, including:
o Taking "classroom" learning outdoors
o Cross-curricular orienteering
o Forest school provision that incorporates physical activity

1.2b Collaborative Principles
Co-design is a principle running through all JU:MP work and this needs to be considered in the bid, for example:
● Collaborative approaches from providers to ensure that any bid addresses the specific requirements of our JU:MP schools.
● Initial discussions with schools to determine which of the physical activity opportunity areas identified above they would like to focus on.

1.2c Research
Research is integral to the pilot and you will be rewarded by being part of world-renowned research, including the Born in Bradford Cohort study and working with a Behaviour Change Researcher. You will be expected to work closely with the Behaviour Change Researcher to evaluate the impact of your work, as part of the whole system approach to increasing levels of physical activity.

Click here to view the full tender document.

Closing date: Friday 29 January, 12pm.

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