Nalette Tucker named in the Woman's Hour Power List of 2023

Nalette Tucker named in the Woman's Hour Power List of 2023

Posted: Tue, 27 Jun 2023 10:27

Nalette Tucker named in the Woman's Hour Power List of 2023

In exciting news, the Woman's Hour Power List of 2023 has unveiled its line-up of 30 exceptional women and among them is our very own Nalette Tucker, from Bradford's Sunnah Sports Academy. Alongside figures like Leah Williamson, the Euro-winning captain of the Lionesses, and Baroness Sue Campbell, a pioneer for women's football, Nalette's inclusion on this list underscores her phenomenal accomplishments.

Nalette Tucker, a leading figure in the Bradford community and of the Sunnah Sports Academy, has become an inspiration to many. Nalette puts a lot of her success down to Judy Murray, whom she regards as a leader not just in tennis coaching but as an exemplary role model. Nalette fondly recalls her experiences with Judy Murray, stating, "Judy has gone above and beyond for me, including inviting me to Wimbledon and generously sharing her time and expertise. She has been instrumental in shaping my perspective on leadership in coaching. I cannot speak highly enough of Judy as she has gone over and beyond for me".

When asked about how it all started she looks back with a smile "I was never any good, I was really heavy handed and the ball would end up going flying out! I remember in 2017 I met one of the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) partners and they asked if I would be interested in the Serves program. They would come in and teach us a little bit and we would go out and work with the local community. I absolutely loved it! I love sport but I loved teaching it even more"

Expressing her gratitude, Nalette acknowledges the role played by the LTA and particularly Kiran, who introduced her to the Serves Program, which proved to be a turning point in her life. "Through the Serves Program, I had the incredible opportunity to meet Heather Watson and engage in a few days of training with her," Nalette explains with genuine appreciation. "I am immensely thankful to the LTA for nominating me and for their continued support. They have truly transformed my life with the opportunities they have provided."

When asked about her reaction upon learning she had made the Woman's Hour Power List, Nalette's response reflects her humility. "Being included alongside such remarkable women who have made significant contributions to their fields is an immense honour. I'm still pinching myself and it feels a little bit unreal! I didn't start this for a pat on the back but to be recognised for something like this just reminds me that it is all worth it and the positive impact I'm hopefully having" she states.

In her message to the people of Bradford, Nalette encouraged individuals interested in sports to explore the many great organisations in the area. She highlighted Active Bradford, Yorkshire Sport Foundation and Living Well as resources that can help people find sports activities happening nearby. "There is a portal that Active Bradford, Yorkshire Sport and Living Well have where you just type in your postcode and it brings up activities close to you".

Looking to the future, Nalette emphasises her unwavering dedication to Bradford and her desire to expand her initiatives further. "I am determined to continue empowering the youth, promoting diversity and inclusion," she shares enthusiastically. "There is still much work to be done, and I am eager to push boundaries and make a lasting impact."

Nalette Tucker's inclusion on the Woman's Hour Power List 2023 is a testament to her extraordinary achievements. As we celebrate Nalette's remarkable accomplishments, her story serves as a reminder of the power of mentorship and support in driving change.

With Nalette Tucker's inclusion on the Woman's Hour Power List 2023, Bradford proudly claims her as one of its own. We eagerly anticipate witnessing her continued positive impact, as she stands as a beacon of inspiration for women and girls everywhere.

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