JU:MP The Story So Far

JU:MP The Story So Far

Posted: Mon, 17 Jul 2023 13:44

JU:MP The Story So Far

The Story So Far

JU:MP (Join Us: Move. Play) are delighted to release our latest report: The Story So Far.

JU:MP aims to test and learn more about what helps children aged 5-14 years and their families to be active, this is achieved through a whole systems approach to physical activity.

The report provides a comprehensive update of the project so far and highlights the different work streams implemented to achieve sustainable change.

Highlights include:

  • 8 local JU:MP action groups have been devised, engaging over 120 partners including schools and community organisations.
  • 36 JU:MP schools have become more active places for children using the Creating Active Schools Framework
  • 8 new developments are underway in parks and greenspaces to help children enjoy being active outdoors

The full report can be viewed by visiting the link below:

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