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Research and evaluation

April 2022 update

The Research team have now formally finished both the recruitment and in-school baseline data collection for the JU:MP control trial which is testing the effectiveness of the JUMP neighbourhood programme-

Measurements being taken within the schools included height and weight, and this accompanied fitting accelerometers as well as giving out parent and teacher questionnaires.

In brief:

- 37 primary schools have been recruited

(17 JU:MP schools, 20 'other' schools across Yorkshire from Sheffield, to Pontefract, Batley to Cornholme

- 30 classes (mixture of years 1, 2 and 3 children) of children worked with

- 90 teachers worked with

- 93 recruitment assemblies conducted by us

- 1,459 children recruited (opt in parental consent, child assent)

- 1,459 children measured in school and fitted with an accelerometer

- 1,459 gift bags made up and handed out to all children as a thank you!

Research and evaluation

Research is at the heart of everything that happens at JU:MP. Local, regional and national insight has informed the Implementation Plan and continues to shape individual elements of the programme, telling us where we should carry on and when we should stop.

A team of researchers at Born in Bradford work alongside the implementation team. Currently the team are working on:

  • Evaluation of JU:MP@Home - Find out more from Amanda Seims, Senior Research Fellow
  • Recruiting to a children's advisory group - Find out more from Amanda Seims, Senior Research Fellow
  • Recruiting to and completing baseline data for the school control trials - work completed, March 2022 - Find out more from Daniel Bingham, Senior Research Fellow