Social Marketing

What is this workstream about?

Social marketing is integral to the delivery of JU:MP. Through a variety of marketing approaches we hope to inspire and motivate families living within the JU:MP patch to be more active. This begins with our brand identity, which was co-created with children from 3 primary schools within the JUMP area: Green Lane primary school, Beckfoot Heaton and The Academy at St James:

The approach

For the duration of the programme, we will run a series of campaigns which will all be co-created with families living in the JU:MP area. The theme of the campaigns have been decided through evidence and insight. Our campaigns will focus on:

- Joining the JU:MP movement

- Moving and playing indoors - a response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

- Outdoor play, whatever the weather

- Reusing screentime to reduce sedentary behaviour

Workstream lead(s):

Emma Wragg

Emma Wragg

Campaign Manager


Leads social marketing and communications through Magpie.