Strategic Influencing

What is the aim of this workstream?

  • To bring together key stakeholders from Active Braford and Living Well, and strengthen the presence of physical activity within policy and practice through whole systems change.

This workstream will involve the stakeholders working together with JU:MP and use Meadow's twelve points of leverage with a specific focus on influencing value-based leverage and human-based leverage.

How will it do it?

We work with key stakeholders in order to influence senior leaders, including the health and wellbeing board to strengthen physical activity in policy and practice. The JU:MP programme is aligned to ensure it supports and enhances existing programmes, strategies and plans.

What has been achieved so far? (November 2022)

A strategic development group for physical activity has been created joining key stakeholders from both Active Bradford and Living Well. Various workshops have been held, both online and in person, every two months in order to discuss current policy documentation and to strengthen physical activity in policy and practice.

Key achievements of this workstream so far include:

  • Supporting the development of a children's council to address children's right to play, as part of the Child Friendly City initiative
  • Co-presenting at the Health and Wellbeing board with Living Well, putting a spotlight on physical activity
  • Ripple Effect Mapping workshop in May 2021 in order to identify areas of potential future influence

Who is leading this work?

This work is being led through a collaboration with JU:MP, Active Bradford and Living Well.

Workstream lead(s):

Jan Burkhardt

Jan Burkhardt

Programme Director