Sustainable Sports and Physical Activity

Sustainable sports and physical activity workstream

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What is the aim of this workstream?

  • To develop and deliver sustainable sports and physical activity programmes with a specific focus on the families or areas who are most in need or have the lowest participation rates in activities of this type.

The approach

JU:MP aims to support local organisations to develop physical activity programmes that take an asset-based community development approach to creating sustainable changes in physical activity for children and families.
They have developed a model of mechanisms that incorporates the workstream's components which will encourage and support children and families to be active through sports and active recreation.

What has been achieved so far?

JU:MP has tested a wide range of sport and physical activity provision at a small scale, to understand which programmes might be most effective at engaging those children who are least active. This will help direct future intervention development in the Accelerator Phase where they plan to further develop sustainable models for sport and physical activity locally.

The programmes which were most successful at engaging previously inactive children included:

  • Community dance programme
  • Girls cricket programme
  • Informal multi-sports programmes

The providers delivering Sustainable Sports and Physical Activity are:

  • Ping Pong 4 U
  • Tasif Khan Community Boxing Academy
  • Great Horton Church Cricket Club
  • JU:MP Dance
  • JU:MP Cycling
  • Mobile Adventure Play

Workstream lead(s):

Gemma Smith

Gemma Smith

Project Manager