What's On

What's this workstream about?

The aims of the What's On workstream are:

  • To make it easy for families to find out what opportunities there are to be active, near them
  • To support people from across the district to find ways to be active
  • To support local activity providers to recruit attendees to their organised sessions

The approach

There are two parts to the What's On workstream - one through JU:MP, one is a district-wide piece of work, each to support the aims above.

Families within the JU:MP area

Through our JU:MP website we commissioned an organisation to build an activity finder page. Through this we can send email newsletters to schools and local community organisations with a list of activities that have been put on the finder, allowing them to share with their families using their tried and tested methods of communication - from light-touch insight, we know that families find out things that are on mainly through schools and local community organisations, as well as on social media.

We have set up a community Facebook Group for providers and families to come together and share activities that they know are happening near them. This informal sharing platform makes it easy for promotional images to be shared through people's personal connections using either the social platform itself, or through WhatsApp - a platform we know is utilised by many of our families and partners.

These methods, combined with other the work that the JU:MP Connectors do to link up families with local things to to, we hope will make it easier for families to be active in their local area.

District-wide What's On

We have been working with local organisations to ensure as many 'What's On/Activity Finder' systems can pull through the same data from an OpenActive database. This is to:

  • Make it easier for providers to promote their information - they only need to input their details once
  • Make it easer to keep information up to date - as the providers manage their own sessions, digitally
  • Make it easier for people to find ways to be active - by ensuring physical activity/sport sessions are included in many systems, people who don't even know they want to take part in some form of physical activity will come across it. This is a way we hope to help reach people who are less active, or reach those who are accessing services such as health or social care

We will also run training sessions for providers to help with raising their digital presence, as we know many people will use an internet search to find things to do rather than go to one specific website.

Workstream lead(s):

Sarah McCann

Sarah McCann

Communications Officer

JU:MP and Active Bradford

Talk to Sarah if you would like to know more about communicating and promoting sport and physical activity in the district, or the JU:MP programme.