Workforce Development

What are the aims of this workstream?

  • To ensure the JU:MP workforce have the necessary knowledge, skills and motivation to support children and families to be active as an essential element of the whole systems working.
  • To embed evidence-based practice within the JU:MP team's work which will feed into the evaluation of the JU:MP programme and support the sustainability of the approach to children's physical activity beyond JU:MP.

How will we do it?

A training package has been created by the JU:MP team and delivered to various stakeholders involved in the JU:MP programme. It comprises of 3 face-to-face training sessions. These sessions will use a collaborative style in order to build confidence in the participants by drawing learning out of the group via small group work, discussions and fun physical activity breaks.

The three training sessions:

Session 1: explores the importance of physical activity, barriers and enablers, together with personal action plans and goals
Session 2: explores behaviour change approaches and how different settings help or hinder physical activity alongside professional action plans and goals. This session also contains evidence-based practice embedded within it.
Session 3: focuses on the importance of monitoring and evaluation and the specific requirements for the JU:MP programme

Online modules will also be available including topics of developing a theory of change and logic models, applying for funding, data collection tools and data analysis.

What has been achieved so far?

Some of the training sessions have already been carried out and feedback has been collected on how to improve the sessions.

Workstream lead(s):

Gemma Smith

Gemma Smith

Project Manager